How Much Does It Cost To Divorce In Virginia?

People considering divorce often worry about the cost. The exact cost will vary depending on several factors, not the least of which being the complexity of the divorce. That being said, people may benefit from knowing the average cost of divorce.

Divorce Typically Costs $15,500

According to an article from USA Today, a typical divorce might cost approximately $15,500. The amount is different from state to state, with the cost of divorce usually being more expensive in states with higher overall costs of living.

The article ranks Virginia among the 10 most expensive states in which to get a divorce, even though the average cost of divorce here is $14,500, less than the national average. However, the average cost of divorce with children here is $21,800.

Of course, there really is no typical divorce, and having children is only one factor that could increase the complexity of a case, thus increasing the cost. The amount and value of assets will definitely play a role as well. Do one or both spouses own a business? Are one or both spouses members of the military? All of these questions and more must be kept in mind when preparing for the cost of a divorce.

Additionally, people considering a divorce should be aware that one of the most critical driving factors in the cost of the divorce is whether or not agreements can be reached without court intervention. A case in which both spouses are able to reach agreements quickly is likely to cost less than one in which a trial is necessary.

Ultimately, it is important to speak candidly with a family law attorney about all of the factors that may be involved in the divorce in order to get an accurate picture of how much a divorce may cost.

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